About Sara Kinas


I see beauty in every individual. I believe I see people and can understand many souls. I also believe in catching moments in life as these are the real happiness, or real sadness and really, any real emotion that we all tend to dismiss or are not able to catch with an eye.

I come from positively crazy family, where we love to laugh, sing and dance. Good sense of humour is the key to enjoying life:-)

I love Michael Jackson’s music. Just can’t stop but sing and move my body when hear it playing 🙂

I am lucky enough to have group of best friends that remind me to be who I am. We grew up on the same neighbourhood and went to school together. With some of them we know each other for over 25 years.  

It always bugged me that life goes on so fast and we run with it so blindly that we forget about what’s important. This is why I take photographs. I want to freeze moments that are important and shouldn’t be forgotten.

I have tried different things in life as hobbies and professionally. Sport has stolen my heart for many years with a couple of achievements and I also graduated from Business Studies, which took my career path to Management in Hospitality sector.

However, what makes me happy and fulfills my soul is to be around people, take shots when it is least expected and freeze the real you.


At the moment I am based in Stalybridge (Tameside, UK) in a beautiful Millwood Photography Studio. I am also available for on location projects.

Don’t hesitate to contact me whether it’s a Baby/ Family, Wedding or even product photography that you are looking for.

Check my portfolio to see my current work!

Sara Kinas 2017


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