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It’s all about catching the moment..

My photographic concept “Your story through my eyes on photograph” has its purpose in Events category as much as Family or Weddings. What else would you expect from event photographer other than capturing the vibe, the real emotion so when one goes through the pictures feels like it’s part of the event?

With Crossfit Photography, as it’s something I do myself, I want to show my viewers what crossfit is about. How exciting it is! How much of a fighter is in you when crossfit pushes you to levels you didn’t know you can reach. That it’s all about community, support and great people. I know I’m promoting crossfit here, but can’t do differently as it’s very close to my heart. Therefore it come easy, I feel what you feel and I want to show it on a photograph.

I am happy to document all different types of events. Whether it is a corporate party, your family event, festivals, kids parties and other you can think of. Please do not hesitate to contact me and ask for further details.

Crossfit Photography


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