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It’s a documentary about you

I was lucky enough when growing up to have people around me that thought me the importance of being yourself. Now being older I see how difficult it is to stay yourself when there are so many social influences coming from the World. ‘Everybody” wants to be somebody else. The truth is there is no better person than yourself!

I am sure all of us go back in time and reflect on how amazing it was to be young and innocent and it would be awesome to be able to experience those moments once again.

Your story starts from the moment you being asked to come to this World. You are growing inside your mum! How beautifully she looks! Then the whole World welcomes you when you finally arrive, you scream and want to be as close as possible to your mum. Even when you’re not happy you are the cutest thing on earth! All your Family members are melting over your little hands and feet.

Then you learn to smile. You are gaining the cutest curves that mums just can’t resist to get hold off and bite, kiss or tickle.

How amazing is our World?! Everything interest you and you just want to touch and literally TASTE everything! Then you get up and suddenly discover speed. Yes! How fun it is just to run away from your parents and hide, how about jumping in this deep puddle on the way to nursery and getting soaked wet?! How fun was that?!

Did you smile? These are only common examples of what happens at the start of your life journey. What is really special is that in every family there are unique memories worth remembering!

I believe in catching moments!. Moments that are important to you and nobody else. I would like to think that this is exactly what I do best, by catching you when you don’t expect, to capture the most natural you, so when you go back in time and look at the photograph you will feel exactly what you just saw on it. I believe that this how you can go back in time!

My Family photography concept is pretty simple: It’s your story through my eyes on a photograph.

Family Shoot Types


All types of Family shoots start from £165 with proofs included. Please contact me for more details.

I had a brilliant shoot with Sara. We had our 6 month baby with us and she caught the most magical moments with ease. Extremely professional and I would highly recommend her.

Liz Linden - Coach @Gritstone Crossfit

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